OXOA Network, the First Layer-3 Gaming Blockchain on Zk Sync, Aiming to Grant $100,000 Investment for Web2 Game Studios

Built on the zkSync, OXOA is a Layer-3 blockchain dedicated to gaming with the vision of supporting studio game seamlessly integrating web2 games into web3 with $100,000 investment.

Singapore – 03/23/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – OXOA Network, the platform built for web3 indie games, announces that they will grant $100,000 investment for web2 game studios.

Built on the zkSync, OXOA is a Layer-3 blockchain dedicated to gaming. OXOA extends beyond a common blockchain as OXOA’s community members can participate in node operations to earn rewards and vote for future governance proposals. OXOA operates independently but is interconnected by a network of hyperbridges, enabling the fastest and most reliable interoperability with zero transaction fee.

OXOA is created to help indie game developers monetize their games

In 2021, >96% of games on Steam are indies, generating only 28% of total revenues. Over 50% of indie games on Steam have made at most $4,000. That is the reason why OXOA Network is born. OXOA’s mission is to help indie game developers monetize their games. OXOA Netowork can help web2 studio games find new opportunities in the Web3 world where you can raise funds and earn revenue in many ways: VC, token sales, NFTs sales, in-game economy, and gamer community governance.

How does OXOA Network solve the current problem of Web3 games?

The gaming industry often fails to creatively utilize blockchain technology’s benefits like interoperability and composability, resulting in a lack of innovation in game design. OXOA addresses this by encouraging developers to think outside traditional boundaries and harness the transformative power of blockchain.

MineSweeper Battle is one of the most played games on OXOA Network. With a flexible infrastructure, OXOA empowers developers to incorporate blockchain benefits creatively, enriching player experiences. Overall, OXOA’s user-centric approach aims to enhance accessibility to blockchain gaming and provide a platform for creative expression. By strategically addressing challenges and fostering innovation, OXOA is poised to redefine the landscape of blockchain gaming, promising a future marked by innovation and unparalleled player experiences.

The investment of $100,000 for web2 studio games

With the vision and mission of becoming a platform built for Web3 indie games, OXOA Network is looking for new partnerships with web2 studios. OX Hubs is willing to grant $100,000 investment for each partner. OXOA Network and OX Hubs will prove what we believe, aim, and build for Web3 Indie games community by their real work.

OXOA Network is looking for new partnerships with web2 studios to grant $100,000 investment.

What does OXOA Network commit to bring in a partnership?

– Grant invest $100,000 for web2 game studio to integrate web3.

– Apply OXOA’s advanced blockchain solutions such as AA Wallet and Paymaster on the product.

– Built up a community for players who share the same passion for gaming.

Social Links

Telegram: https://t.me/OXOANetwork

X: https://twitter.com/oxoa_network

Media Contact

Brand: OXOA Network

Contact: Mavericks

Website: https://oxoa.games


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