Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency Scores U.S. National Success

LOS ANGELES, CA., Jul 8, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – Emergent marketing agency NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing was ranked among the best digital marketing agencies in the US, winning a 2020 National Excellence Award in Digital Marketing. Attracting national attention, NITRO PLUG was further recognized by multiple agencies and companies as being one of the top digital marketing agencies in L.A. today.

From Hollywood to Beverly Hills, the city of L.A. is filled with many longstanding and impressive digital marketing firms. Among these titans is a relatively new and up and coming firm, NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing. NITRO PLUG is making waves in marketing and professional communities across the country as it is formally recognized for its achievements in boosting business for clients across the board. Established in 2017 NITRO PLUG has already proven successful in acquiring a large repertoire of clients, ranging from large construction companies to corporate law firms. NITRO PLUG has been successful in managing their digital marketing needs, resulting in increased traffic and sales for their clients.

As an agency, NITRO PLUG has been recognized for their experiences and triumphs in SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email Marketing. As a result of their award-winning marketing strategies, NITRO PLUG has helped hundreds of clients achieve high rankings on Google, as well as generate targeted leads with large scale paid advertising. Further acclaim, as reflected by expertise.com and nogood.io has noted the digital agency for their skilled optimization of client websites and conversion. Every member of NITRO PLUG has more than seven years of experience in the digital marketing industry, ensuring every client is assigned a team of capable professionals. As reflected by being #7 on the nogood.io ranking of top digital marketing agencies in L.A., many account NITRO PLUG’s successes to their active and experienced team of digital marketing experts.

“It’s really exciting for our team and clients,” reflects Elizeth Shah, NITRO PLUG’s CEO. “I am truly honored to be recognized for the work we’re doing here and I’m so proud of the team, it’s been very rewarding seeing everyone come together to help us get to where we are today. Winning the 2020 National Excellence Award in Digital Marketing was an amazing first step. I think I speak for all of us when I say it felt great. We’re really coming into our own as a full-service digital marketing agency.”

NITRO PLUG is exactly that. A full-service agency is growing bigger every day. As an UpCity certified partner and one of a hundred 2020 National Excellence Award recipients, clients know what to expect when looking to NITRO PLUG for high-level digital marketing. Many anticipate further growth as NITRO PLUG continues to be recognized for its excellent standard and quality of work.

The key to their success is their marketing strategy. NITRO PLUG has taken a very personalized approached to building marketing plans and executing them flawlessly. Before beginning and marketing project, the agency first strives to understand exactly what the client needs, and every plan is then tailored specifically for each unique business. NITRO PLUG’s CEO, Elizeth Shah noted, “it’s simple, we provide solutions to our client’s problems.” This unique and prescriptive approach makes the working relationship between NITRO PLUG and their clients extremely special, and therefore commences with a complimentary online marketing analysis of each client in comparison with their competitor’s online performance. This winning strategy has been recognized by dozens of clients in NITRO PLUG’s excellent online ratings and client testimonials.

“…they continued to impress us with strong results week after week.” – Cal First Contracting

“Everything from the introduction call, to the intake, and the campaign management has been absolutely phenomena!” – JJ Law

“We spoke to several internet marketing providers but it didn’t seem as though any of them had the level of experience that Nitro Plug Digital Marketing had, and we were right. They’ve taken our business to new heights” – Warner Law

NITRO PLUG Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency. They have extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Social Media Management, and Email Marketing. Recently named one of the Top Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States; they’ve helped hundreds of clients rank higher on Google; generate more targeted leads with paid advertising; convert more email subscribers, and optimize their website for conversion.

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