Gynesys Best Home Security Urges Businesses to Work with African-American Owned Commercial Security Firms in the Aftermath of CPI Security CEO’s Remarks; Prepared to Work with Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets to Replace CPI as Major Sponsor

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jul 2, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – Gynesys Best Home Security, a Charlotte-based provider of residential and commercial security products, is urging businesses and individuals upset by remarks by CPI Security CEO Kenneth Gill about the Black Lives Matter movement and for those who don’t want to support CPI, to do business with Gynesys Best Home Securiy as an alternative to let your voice be heard loud and clear.

“The comments made by Mr. Gill were perceived by many to be extremely racist and emblematic of the broader issue of lack of diversity and inclusion in the security industry. I know that we as Americans can make a difference both in large ways and in small ways. Supporting black owned businesses, while it may be perceived as a small decision, has a big impact on our community,” said Solomon Ali, CEO of Revolutionary Concepts Inc., parent company of Gynesys Best Home Security and owner of multiple patents on smart home technology.

Gynesys is gearing up for a major marketing and advertising campaign to encourage prospective customers to make the switch. As part of that campaign, company executives including Mr. Ali plan to reach out to the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets as they are planning to replace CPI Security as a major sponsor of the sports franchises.

Black Wealth Matters, an Atlanta-based group dedicated towards building an economically inclusive America encouraged consumers and companies of conscience to support black businesses as a means to remedy the horrifying instances of police violence and economic inequality.

“Individuals and companies who do business with Gynesys and other black owned businesses are helping to support a positive movement to build wealth in the African American community, create black jobs, and build a fairer America that is better for ALL of us regardless of color. I encourage businesses and sports franchises including the Charlotte Hornets and the Carolina Panthers to partner with Gynesys to provide top-notch security equipment and to highlight what we can achieve when we support diverse businesses,” said Arletta Saafir, Executive Director of Black Wealth Matters.

Gynesys’s parent company Revolutionary Concepts Inc., holds the Intellectual Property to its smart home technology. This patented technology is used in today’s smart homes utilizing two-way audio/video communication with security alarm and mobile video communication technology. Eyetalk 365, (the exclusive licensee), has licensed its technology to many companies such as Axis, CPI, Sky Bell, and RING (owned by Amazon), and many others. Unfortunately, there are other companies using this patented technology without a licensing agreement therefore engaging in patent infringement. While many licensors of Intellectual Property suffer from patent infringement, the fact that Revolutionary Concepts is a black-owned enterprise has been a major factor in why many large businesses fail to pay what they owe.

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Bethiel Tesfasillasie, Chief Operating Officer
Gynesys Best Home Security

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