Workshop with Evident by Bravowhale Improving Data Traceability

HONG KONG, Aug 15, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – Recently, Shanghai Bravowhale Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bravowhale Technology”), China first accredited platform with the I-REC Standard Foundation, and Evident held a week-long technology docking workshop in Hong Kong, China.

A certification body that realizes technology docking
Evident and Bravowhale Technology Core Technology Team
The technical teams of both sides work together to solve the technical problems of API interface docking
The core teams of both parties discussed how to establish an in-depth communication mechanism
Bravowhale Technology R&D VP Tang Peng and Product Director Chen Xiao

The two parties discussed how to efficiently realize the I-REC technical verification and automatic issuance request submission of the international green certificate to further in-depth docking, and the cycle from the approval, registration to issuance of the I-REC international green certificate has been greatly shortened, potentially to within several hours. This work is intended to support national issues in managing large data volumes, such as meter readings down to the minute. This will help enterprises to not only improve the efficiency of I-REC registration, certification, and issuance but also provide clients with greater visibility of energy data. The goal is to support I-REC Accredited national issuers in their delivery of the highest quality, robust, and reliable data verification service.

Used by multinational and national companies around the world, I-REC provides a globally recognised framework designed to respect national requirements and markets. Within China, many foreign company branches, export companies, and international brand supply chain companies use I-REC to achieve ESG compliance at the lowest cost and with the greatest certainty through efficient and large-scale verification of green power data and automatic issuance of international green certificates, and Bravowhale Technology is now able to extend the range of services available to these organisations, as well as electricity generators, through integration with Evident’s registry.

Jason Slatcher, CTO of Evident, led its UK R&D team to conduct in-depth exchanges and technical cooperation with the team of Bravowhale Technology R&D Vice President Tang Peng. Through technical docking, the technical difficulties of large-volume data submission and transmission in the process from review, registration, issuance to transaction are solved and the issuance cycle is greatly shortened.

Following feedback from the workshop, Evident CEO, Ed Everson, said that Bravowhale Technology is the first company in China to truly realize a combined hardware and software technology docking with the Evident platform and that this innovation has potential to both increase data granularity and provide additional verification for the international green certificate that can be traced throughout its life cycle, and will help a large number of companies complete the I-REC international certification with the high quality, reliable data. Whilst China is the first market being addressed, the solution can be expanded for much wider adoption.

The I-REC International Renewable Energy Certificate (International Green Certificate for short) is an internationally recognized renewable energy consumption record standard. The certificate is accepted and recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Organization, and is purchased by world-renowned large companies to verify the origin of their electricity consumption and associated carbon emission.

The I-REC international green certificate is issued by nationally appointed issuers in adherence with the I-REC Standard rules and regulations, also recognising national regulations in each country. There are over 25 nationally appointed issuers around the world (ranging from government agencies, grid operators, not-for-profit and other entities) and over 50 countries where I-RECs are available. The I-REC Standard is a non-profit foundation headquartered in the Netherlands. Accredited by the Foundation, Evident implements the I-REC for electricity certificate together with national issuers around the world.

Tang Peng, VP of R&D of Bravowhale Technology, said that the platform technology of Bravowhale Technology is universal, which can not only meet the growing demand for international green certificate issuance in the Chinese mainland market, but also help companies in overseas markets meet their ESG compliance needs. Bravowhale Technology will focus on the development of products and technologies, continuously improve its core competitiveness, expand overseas markets with excellent products and services, and participate in international competition.

As a practitioner in the field of low-carbon technology, Bravowhale Technology is committed to the I-REC international green certificate certification service. It has completed the I-REC international green certificate certification for more than 2,000 renewable energy power stations. It is expected that by the end of this year, Will break through 6000. It can supply the market with authentic, reliable, large-scale, sustainable and stable green certificate assets with high timeliness every year.

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